Hungary: stable point in a changing world

Dear Reader,

This volume is about a small but strong friend of the United States. The ten million citizens of Hungary and all fifteen million Hungarians living across the globe are proud of their country being a member of NATO and the European Union. While everything and everybody changed in the Central European country after it shed the shackles of communism, by the second decade of reform Hungary had found itself in an economic, political and moral crisis. It was for this reason that the new conservative government gained outright authorization in 2010 to heal the country’s wounds and reinforce its foundations, a mandate that was reaffirmed by the Hungarian electorate in 2014. Over the past seven years, Viktor Orbán’s cabinet has made major accomplishments in all areas. The results of these speak for themselves: an abundance of new jobs, declining public debt and an increasingly efficient state. For centuries, Hungary has been fighting for its freedom against its Turkish, German or Soviet oppressors, and remains committed to national independence and the assertion of its interests. Accordingly, the country supports the European Union as the continental cooperation of strong nation-states.

Unfortunately, fortifying national sovereignty has harmed multiple interests, urging many to criticize Hungary in the name of liberal democracy. Besides bias, false accusations and a mischievous approach to the country, some are perplexed by the Hungarian government’s activity. The Nézőpont Group considers it its task to counter balance these allegations with facts and make every effort to further enhance relations between the United States and Hungary. Our media monitoring, public opinion surveys, conferences and analyses all serve the promotion of mutual understanding. These two nations are united by so many values – the love of freedom, the protection of national sovereignty, the fight against illegal migration, support for families and a deep commitment to democratic principles, to name just a few. Our task is to prevent anything from setting the two countries apart from each other.

Ágoston Sámuel Mráz
CEO, Nézőpont Group

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