Nearly 7 million people have heard and 3 million have spoken of the family protection action plan announced by the Hungarian Prime Minister – reveals a public opinion survey conducted by Nézőpont Intézet on behalf of daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

Support for the government’s family policy continues to be overwhelming (79 percent) and is over 50 percent among opposition sympathisers.

85 percent of respondents think it is important to own one’s home. Young people aged 18-29 consider home ownership even more important (87 percent) but at the same time only 35 percent owns property. The extension of home creation loan scheme CSOK and its introduction to rural areas aim to create opportunities for young people about to start a family to acquire their own home, therefore, it can be said that the government has positively recognised the needs of Hungarian society. 8 out of 10 people continue to support the idea of focusing on family support. The fact that 67 percent of Jobbik, 60 percent of MSZP and DK and 61 percent of LMP sympathisers agree that the government made the right decision placing families at the centre of state aid policy demonstrates that this is indeed a cross-party issue. The approval ratio among Fidesz-KDNP sympathisers is 97 percent.