„…within roughly two years, Fidesz may be able to win the election even with 47-48 percent of the votes. 45 percent was sufficient in 2014 but in the current era of a united opposition this would only earn second place in the constituencies. (….)[ In 2022] Fidesz would like to regain the trust of all voters who, regardless of their previous party preference, think and feel in terms of the nation, and keep it even in case the migration crisis resolves in the meantime. In political rhetoric these are usually referred to as „nationalists” but, according to our analysis, a larger section of spectrum is involved than just right wing supporters. The government parties’ anti-migration stance is relevant to formerly antiliberal socialist voters as well. The memorable sentences in this year’s state-of-the union speech praising Gyula Horn for protecting Hungary’s sovereignty against George Soros may have been a nod to them. Fidesz’s new majority spreads out from József Antall to Gyula Horn, with the common point being its members’ agreement with the Orban Government’s main agendas and rejection of Ferenc Gyurcsány’s return.”